Monday, July 30, 2007

SE Gordon/Cameron Highlanders-updated with closeup

The Scots have arrived! I decided to paint the broader look rather than the actual pattern. I think the effect works well. The gordon pattern is very similar to black watch except it has some gold pping. I did not think that the gold would be visible on this scale so i eliminated it. The blended bolor effect seems to mimic the plaid easiest when pleated as bars, so I decided to paint it that way. Ya I am laz that way! But it is a legit pleat pattern :)


  1. Excellent job with the kilt patterns! Looking forward to seeing your girly skirt-wearin' Scots on the field. Bring it on, sucka!

  2. Holy carp! You're going to have to show me how you did that!

    Oh and GF...real men wear kilts. :P

  3. the kilt is a deep forest green, then i painted blueblace across as the blue zone. I blended up the forest green in several layers mixing forest green and a snotling green color. Gotta be careful too muchsnot and it looks minty! blue-grey gets added to the blue black to finish it off. I used about 4-5 translucent layers to get teh effect.