Monday, July 11, 2016

Heresy Miniatures Brother Lucius (Monk/Cleric) - DS

Father Willem
I have not really played clerics too often in rpgs.  There has just not been very much appealing to me in the class as my preference has been towards the non casting characters warrior or rogue types.  This particular mini has made me want to try to branch out.  The sculpt is by Steve Buddle, and originally it was made by Spyglass/Eolith Miniatures.  The range was sold and it is now available from Heresy Miniatures

I wanted a very simple color scheme with brown robes.  The sculptor put a lot of character in the face.  As always I have no idea with what I want to do with bases. so it's done generic enough to look okay using outdoor scenery or in dungeon terrain.

If you are not familiar with them, check the site out as they have a nice selection of fantasy and sci minis.  For Timelord adventure fans, or Browncoat diehards, they have several that look suspiciously like a certain Doctor and friends or roguish Firefly Captain and crew.