Friday, August 28, 2015

Lord of the Rings: Combe North Gate

Our LotR:SBG campaign continues with Novik and Hastings headed South from Archet Dale to Combe, where the only passage from Archet to the rest of the Middle-earth is at it's narrowest. The gate had been blocked by Blackwold brigands, letting nobody through.

Cal Sprigley has asked the heroes to gather what help you can from the nearby town of Combe!

'I'm glad you're here! Some Blackwolds tried to attack us this morning, but we drove them off.
'We must get help from Combe, the next town over. It's south-west of here, and not more than a short journey away. They must bring their soldiers to Archet at once to help stave off the raid!
'Please make haste -- I fear the Blackwolds mean to attack tonight. The road here is crawling with brigands, but I pray you can make it safe to Combe.'

The only gate is blocked! Archet is on its own now....

Blackwold says, "Ha-ha! Do you want the people of Combe to help you?"
Blackwold says, "You're afraid of the Blackwolds, are you?"
Blackwold says, "Best run home, little fool. Enjoy your day."
Blackwold says, "It'll be your last...."

Novik, Hastings and two men of Archet were able to route the brigands and push through the blocked gate towards Combe. The game was close to the very end. The brigand leader was able to hold his troops at the gate using his Steadfast rule. Without this, the Good side would have won about halfway through the game.

It was a fun afternoon. Saladian was missed and hopefully he'll return in time to help defend Archet from the inevitable brigand attack!