Monday, July 11, 2016

Heresy Miniatures Brother Lucius (Monk/Cleric) - DS

Father Willem
I have not really played clerics too often in rpgs.  There has just not been very much appealing to me in the class as my preference has been towards the non casting characters warrior or rogue types.  This particular mini has made me want to try to branch out.  The sculpt is by Steve Buddle, and originally it was made by Spyglass/Eolith Miniatures.  The range was sold and it is now available from Heresy Miniatures

I wanted a very simple color scheme with brown robes.  The sculptor put a lot of character in the face.  As always I have no idea with what I want to do with bases. so it's done generic enough to look okay using outdoor scenery or in dungeon terrain.

If you are not familiar with them, check the site out as they have a nice selection of fantasy and sci minis.  For Timelord adventure fans, or Browncoat diehards, they have several that look suspiciously like a certain Doctor and friends or roguish Firefly Captain and crew.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Warriors of the Dead - GF

In scattered and isolated places across Middle-earth, the dead walk, ever bound to this world by sorcery or curse. Almost all undying beings are bound into the service of Sauron, he who forged their deathless existence. By contrast, the spirit-folk of the Dwimorberg are tied to an altogether different fate. When Elendil marched against Sauron, his son, Isildur, came to the Dwimorberg and obtained an oath-sworn promise of aid against the forces of Mordor from the people that lived there. Yet when Isildur called upon the people of the mountains to fight, they scattered and fled, entombing themselves in their fortress rather than fighting in fulfilment of their promise. In rage at their betrayer, Isildur cursed them to wander the hills for all eternity until their oath was met. To this day, their oath has yet to be fulfilled...

I found these guys on ebay a few weeks back. There were 20 models plus the King of the Dead, who I haven't painted up yet. This should bring the total number up to 52, which should make a decent ally detachment for War of the Ring or Kings of War.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Skaven Weapon Teams - GF

A few of us have been playing Vermintide lately, a computer game similar to Left 4 Dead but with swarms of skaven instead of zombies. This got me thinking I should revisit some of my old Warhammer skaven. While I'm not sure how effective they are on the table, they certainly were fun to paint up.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Plaguebearers of Nurgle - GF

Finished up a set of 9 Plaguebearers of Nurgle that I picked up from Phoenix Games a few weeks back. According to Neil, a customer purchased them, painted one and didn't like it so they returned the remaining 9. Hopefully we'll get to use them in an upcoming Dark Heresy RPG. I think they'd make decent Deep Ones too, if we ever need for some H.P. Lovecraft adventures.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LotR LCG - Hunt for Gollum

Three of us got together last night for some Lord of the Rings - LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. The quest - Hunt for Gollum.

The elusive creature known as Gollum is hiding somewhere in the Anduin Valley. It is up to you to find him and discover what dark designs lay in wait for him...

As the first Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, The Hunt for Gollum sets the stage for the coming quests by putting players in search of the titular creature, whose capture is the overall goal in Shadows of Mirkwood. For this first quest, players are tasked with uncovering the clues in the form of the Signs of Gollum Objective cards, which are shuffled into the Encounter deck.

We failed to find Gollum. Twice. Time to tweak the character decks. Where's Aragorn when you need him?!?

Monday, January 4, 2016

LotR:SBG Blackwold's Roost Scenario

Our first game of 2016 was a LotR:SBG scenario. We hope to write up the rules for you guys to check out here soon. Great fun!

Our three heroes (Hastings, Novik and Salladian) are sent to investigate the Blackwold's Roost, looking for any information on the bandits' activity around Archet. There are 6 different camp sites throughout the board where the Good player can search for clues. The bandit champion is also carrying notes about the Blackwold's upcoming attack on the town.

We played the scenario twice. The first time the Good player managed to discover the bandits' plan right away, on the 2nd turn I believe. Incredibly quick. We tweaked the rules a bit and tried a second game. This time, Evil won and even managed to defeat Salladian and Hastings! I believe this was the first time we've lost a Good hero in a scenario!

Monday, September 14, 2015

This Is Not A Test (TNT)

On Saturday, two members of The Dale Wardens tried the post-apocalyptic skirmish game, This Is Not A Test. It played fast and has a unique priority/activation mechanic that keeps both players engaged.

We highly recommend you check out the game for yourself right here and help support independent gaming!