Sunday, June 29, 2008

JR Lawmen

DS Plains Indians

I have been working for past several weeks on plains Indians for a Legends of the Old West posse. The figures are from Wargames Foundry. The sculpts are of good quality and fun to paint. There are some bits on them that are at this point a bit unidentifiable, so I have decided to paint them simply for now, and to do some research to see what they could possibly be for the future.

One of the nice things about the Foundry line is that they provide the models both mounted and dismounted. I was lucky to purchase most of this line back when the packs came with 8 infantry per, or 4 horse and 4 riders (the packs are now 6 infantry and 3 cavalry.) I also got them when Foundry ran one of their infrequent sales and picked them up for $12.00 per!

When the Dale Wardens got interested in playing LotOW, I dusted the packs off and got to work. Next on the project agenda is finishing off 23 more mounted plains Indians warriors and the last 5 dismounted Dog Soldiers. The finished force will be a bit more than the standard "$200.00 posse" in Legends of the Old West, but the Blood on the Plains supplement has gotten me interested in doing some larger battles.

Once the plains Indians are completed, I will start work on U.S. cavalry, so they will have a suitable opponent. When I made my plains Indians purchase, I also picked up the Foundry line of cavalry. It will be a bit of a daunting task as I have 40 dismounted and 40 mounted to complete. As all miniatures painters know; it's so much easier to spend the money than it is to get them done.

JR Moria Goblins

Monday, June 9, 2008