Saturday, April 27, 2013

28 mm Trinia Sabor Reaper mini -EE

"Caleigh the Bard"

Reaper mini 60102 Trinia Sabor

Here it is - only my second fully painted mini for a D&D game.  The mini was a gift from DS, to encourage me to roll up more than one character for our (apparently dangerous) game.  The fiance is a great painter and that's the only reason this character even looks halfway decent.  He has taught me the ways of hitting the highlights and lowlights.  I am particularly proud of the sash, as it took me several tries to get the color scheme I was looking for.  Being new to painting minis, I was worried the paint would get too thick when I changed my mind for the third or fourth time.

Caleigh is a bard wandering the country side of Tamilane with her fellow adventurers.  She is a "Jill" of all trades, mistress of none.  Her back story is still in the works, as I am new to the RPG environment and I also like to make things up as I go along.