Monday, May 25, 2009

se twisted defiler on display base

After some success using the fencing material for scenery, I decided to use it to make a base with it. I found a couple of extra marines, got an acrylic rod and some gel media later we have a grusome scene.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Dale Wardens Civil War order was sent off to Perry Miniatures last week, but I could not wait for the figures to arrive to begin our group's ACW project! I picked up 3 packs of Crusader's Civil War line to start out. The item numbers are RHF 32, 33 and 34. Since most of my forces that I ordered are Confederate, these are going to be painted up as 20 figure Union Army regiment.

The sculpts are very nice, but are a little bit more sleight than Mike Perry's are.

DS Ancients

The painting begins. The centurion was fun,
so he got more done.

Roman Cohort in formation: Still
needs shields and basing flock.

A steely eyed Centurion.

A new Histoical Period for me:
I am part of the Minneapolis Napoleonics group. On the message boards they have an area to post about other periods that people are interested in. Several of the players play Fields of Glory, which is an Ancients set of rules and were discussing it. I have always had an interest in the battles of Ancient Rome, so I pulled out the computer game, "Rome: Total War" to get a healthy dose of Ancient Battles, but it was not enough.

I did a order and purchased a Warlord Miniatures box of Roman and one of Celts. They produce a line of hard plastic miniatures that look good so I thought I would give them a try. Neal Capitano of also carries some of the Foundry 3 tone paints, which is difficult line to find in Minnesota, so I picked up 5 new sets to help out my paint collection.

Then it came to waiting for the order to arrive... I began to scour the various Ancients wargaming blogs, and look at the various manufacturors of Ancients minis. On one blog, the writer said that he picked up a good deal on ebay of some used Romans, so I decided to have a look. The above minis are first part of Wargames Foundry - 124 figures set I bought for $140.00 US plus $7.0o shiping.

So far I have been working on them off and on for 2 weeks. They are very close to being completed. The shields still need to be put on, but I don't plan on doing that until I get some waterslide tranfers for the shields. I am also deciding whether or not I want to paint "eyes" on all the rank and file.

One thing I did not do was put the shields on the figures to see how they work out before I painted the figs. If I would have, I could have saved time by not doing the detail on the brass buckles on the front of the figure. When it comes time to glue the Roman shields on the figures, all the work on those parts will be covered up!

The last thing I have to decide is what look is going to be for the flocking of the figures. My idea is something arid, but with a touch of greenery.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Static Grass Trick?

Someone needs to try this out and report back...

Here is a top tip for those of you who use static grass on their bases to make them look more realistic. Once the grass has been applied, and I use PVA for that, put the figures on a plastic tray and leave them on top of the telly overnight.
The static electricity in the telly,(and it doesn't have to be left on, watch that carbon footprint. my [gordon brown]), will charge the grass and make it all stand up, looking much better than some of the sparse limp efforts you see.
Jon Sutherland came up with that gem, and it works a treat.