Saturday, February 18, 2012

DAK back in the USA at Oklahoma City National Qualifiers!!! mkl

Well, I am back in the USA for a while and now have played my last 3 version 2 games. Just after cleaning up yet before the anouncements I acquired my soft copy version 3 rule book. I played 2 great players from Oklahoma City (OKC) whom are regulars. I had a great time and loved getting back into the tounament scene. The games were good (I went 1-2) (vp 2-5, 4-3, 2-5) and had tons of fun!! The last game was an accurate 21st Panzer versus 22nd Armoured Brigade on a desert board. Here is my 1625 point DAK Schutzen list. There are 3 objectives (Oasis, Suez Canal, and 21st Panzer emblem) and my more realistic flying stands. Can't wait for the next one!!