Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gripping Beast Saga Mini: Ragnar Lothbrok -DS

Gripping Beast Miniatures HVA04 - Ragnar Lothbrok

As a group, we're are slowly moving towards giving the Saga Rules set a go.  I have not really taken the dive in yet, but with a little bit of prodding, I am sure we can get Monty, our Saga guru, to run us through the basics.

I picked up this Ragnar Lothbrok figure as much for use in rpgs and other mini games.  It's really well done, a bit thick, as seems to be the style of some of the GB sculps, and it painted up quickly.

With the recent semi regular playing of Pathfinder, this guy is going to be my barbarian character.  I had my character buy a long spear for the boar hunt scenario, and this mini fits how I imagine to look a bit better than the one I was using.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pathfinder RPG Session 03: The Boar Hunt and The Missing Bartender

The party eats breakfast at Ameiko Kajitsu's Inn:  the Rusty Dragon.

Ameiko's father, owner of the local glass factory, storms in and makes a scene.  He blames much of the town's recent ills on the party's interference.  "You should have left it to the professionals!"

The father demands his daughter return with him to their home country and gets a knock with a soup ladle to the noggin in response to his rude intrusion.

Later:  The party meets Aldern Foxglove at the stables for outfitting for a boar hunt.

Foxglove's guides give instructions on boar hunting.

A wild boar is found and driven towards the hunter.

The hunting party kills the boar!  (aka dog, as we have no boar mini.)  A successful hunt means a feast of wild boar at the Rusty Dragon Inn. 

Late that evening the party rests at the Rusty Dragon after a tiring hunt.  They meet Shalalu, local elf ranger.  They discuss the goblin encroachment and the seeming uniting of the goblin tribes.

Shalalu heads to her room.

The characters meet with Shalalu, Sheriff Hemlock, and the mayor of Sandpoint to discuss the danger.  Hemlock is heading to Magnamar to get more troops and asks the party to assist in watching over the town while he is gone.  The goblins have burned a farm and seem to be gathering in numbers.

Hirlings!  The party has hired locals Oswald to carry extra gear, and Cinart to act as torch bearer.  Tuihirdock puts them through some practice sparring -just in case.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pathfinder RPG Session 02: Heroes of Sandpoint

The party has a meeting with Father Zanthus to discuss the events of the attack.

Some tracks were discovered in the churches graveyard.  The party checks over the graveyard and discovers that a crypt has been broken in to.

On entering the crypt, the party is ambushed by skeletons!?

A melee ensues with the undead. 

They discover the theft of Father Tobyn's body...and a mysterious discarded cloak of an unspeakable cult.

Later:  The party is called to a home by a panicked mother.

Gilly uses her stealth, and enters the home to scout.

She hears some noises coming from the closet and motions for the others to enter...

A crazed goblin has killed the owner of the house.  Tuirhirdock and Rolf make quick work of him.