Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pathfinder RPG Session 02: Heroes of Sandpoint

The party has a meeting with Father Zanthus to discuss the events of the attack.

Some tracks were discovered in the churches graveyard.  The party checks over the graveyard and discovers that a crypt has been broken in to.

On entering the crypt, the party is ambushed by skeletons!?

A melee ensues with the undead. 

They discover the theft of Father Tobyn's body...and a mysterious discarded cloak of an unspeakable cult.

Later:  The party is called to a home by a panicked mother.

Gilly uses her stealth, and enters the home to scout.

She hears some noises coming from the closet and motions for the others to enter...

A crazed goblin has killed the owner of the house.  Tuirhirdock and Rolf make quick work of him.

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