Monday, August 6, 2007

BG Epic Space Marines

Brian has just raised the bar to crazy insane for detail with these epic space marines. They have a friggin' flame painted on the sholder pad! gak. we need another battle. he says prettier are more resiliant.....lets blow 'em up good!

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  1. Very nice indeed...and finally some more Space Marine forces to help fight back the Chaos, Eldar and Space Ork hordes.
    The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight. The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear…
    +++ Chaplain Aston, 10th Company, Fire Hawks Chapter +++