Friday, October 12, 2007

GF Western Gaming Board

An experiment with texturing a small 2'x3' gaming board. Note to self, try to use sand that is a bit more fine next time.

The surface was covered with watered down glue and lightly sprinkled with sand.

I used some old paint we had laying around for the base coat. I was hop
ing it would be brown, but it turned out to be pretty red.

I applied a second coat of a light brown.

I drybrushed using a color called "Goatsbeard" (which is apparently the color of our kitchen). By itself, the color is pretty yellow.

The current state of the board. The upper right side is with the base coat of red plus second coat of light brown. The lower left side has been drybrushed. Yeah, I'm about halfway through the drybrushing.

A shot of what the drybrushing looks like up close.

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