Thursday, September 18, 2008

DS Sci-fi Figures

These models are part of a group I have been working on for a Star Wars game. The manufacturer is Copplestone Castings from the Future Wars line. As always Mark Copplestone puts together some very good figures.

On the top photo, the character from left to right are Jeff's character Lowell (a tech specialist), Voort (level 3 nonhero npc soldier), Owen (level 4 non heroic scout and Lowell's older brother.)

The balance of the 2 packs the figures came from, FW31 Scavenger Heroes and FW20 Citizen's Militia I, I am planning on using for various spacers and fringers. Coppletone's Scavenger line looks like it will be great for assorted space scum and I plan on picking up the FW2 Sewer Scavengers and FW30 Scavenger Scout.

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