Monday, January 5, 2009

DS Darkest Africa

I have been getting back into painting Darkest Africa miniatures recently. One reason may be that I have been playing in a Star Wars RPG campaign, and I think I just need a does of good old fashioned high adventure historical minis to balance things out.

The British officer on top is from the Black Treet Miniatures Zulu War line. The red and blue are certainly a lot brighter than they should be, but having some colour on the game table is no a bad thing. The relaxed pose of the model is really good looking. Shading red paint is still presenting some new challenges for me. For the officer, I used chocolate brown on the creases of the red and no highlighting.

The figure next to the officer is a Baluchi from Wargames Foundry as are all the models in the rest of the pictures.

The second and third picture are from African Tribal Leaders pack. The figure on the left I painted as an Ngoni leader to match a similar looking warband I painted a couple of years ago. Since that purchase Copplestone Castings acually came out with a real Ngoni figures.

The last pictures are porters, work in progress Masai, and Africa tribesmen with savannah shields. The Masai shields are taken from ones I saw in the Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas movie "The Ghost and the Darkness."

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