Thursday, August 4, 2011

DAK reinforcements in the desert!! mkl

The DAK force in Egypt just received some reinforcements. 2 Panzer IV F1, 2 Panzer III G and 3 Panzer III N. Along with the armour is most of the core of a Panzerspah company. 3 SdKfz 223 (radio), 1 SdKfz 231 (8-rad), 1 SdKfz 221 (mg) and 2 SdKfz 222. With the forces I already have I can make the core of a Panzerspah company and the 21st Panzer only armoured cars. Infantry now on the table and hopefully done by the end of the night. In the picture the hot Egyptian sun is making the shadows while I used the flash to brighten up the fronts.

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