Friday, August 31, 2012

Novik and the Six Dwarves

Rumors of Blackwolds abound.  The people of Archet are frightened. Novik has heard the call and is riding with all speed to place himself firmly between the bandits and the good folk of Archet.

My LotRO and Dragon Age II character has made the jump to physical form in preparation for our upcoming struggles to save Archet.  I selected the Gamling model from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings line and added a shield to get the look I wanted.

In addition, I am preparing for other LotR SBG battles by expanding my forces.  The first six Dwarf Warriors have jumped into action.  Unfortunately, their first outing against a band of Moria Goblins did not go so well.  All the more reason to add to their ranks.  I have 18 more recruits waiting to be equipped!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! Those dwarves are tough. Very tough. Thank goodness for sheer numbers of Moria goblins. I liked outnumbering your dice 2-to-1. Fighting fair isn't in the goblins' nature. I'll work on getting a shot of Hastings.