Friday, February 15, 2013

28mm Copplestone Spies - DS

Models from: Top Agents #KKBB101.
The models are from Copplestone Castings "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!" 1960s spy line.  Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #62 cover story and featured articles were on spies, secret missions, and skirmish gaming.  It prompted me to finish up these guys.  This pair will make a great duo of "by the book" CIA/FBI agents.

There is a very Sean Connery era James Bond feeling to this line of figures.  Copplestone has a good selection of spies and some modern terrain prop sets such as; bank furniture, a variety of doors and entrances (for your own scratch builds), and 1960s looking lab and missile launch control consuls.  There is also a mini-sub and a snow kat arctic snow vehicle for missions in colder climes. 

Copplestone Castings - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Range:

Artizan Designs has its own models out for the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang collection:

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