Thursday, May 2, 2013

1st Annual Donuts and Dodecahedral Dice Day - GF

The 1st Annual Donuts and Dodecahedral Dice Day was held on Saturday April 27, 2013 at the Maple Grove Gentlemen's Wargames Clubroom. 

The game for the day was Game's Workshop's War of the Ring.  The forces featured in the battle were the men of Gondor facing an orc army of Mordor.

Order of Battle

3 Companies Knights of Minas Tirith
3 Companies Archers
5 Companies Warriors of Minas Tirith (captain and banner)
4 Companies Warriors of Minas Tirith (captain and banner)

3 Companies Warg Riders
2 Companies Orc Archers
4 Companies Orc Warriors with Shield (captain and banner)
4 Companies Orc Warriors with 2H Weapon (captain and banner)
1 Mordor Troll Drummer
1 Mordor Troll

The scenario played was "High Ground" where you need to hold the objective in the middle of board at the end of Turn 8. Monsters can claim objective if within 3" but will lose if cavalry are within 3" who will lose if infantry are within 3".

The initial deployment of units was unusual. Each board edge was assigned a number 3, 4, 5 or 6. A die was rolled at the end of move phase for each company not on table. 1-2: company stays in reserve and roll again next turn. 3-6: the unit is placed anywhere along that table edge.

Almost all units came in on side 3; one of the short edges of the 4'x8' table. It got very chaotic as units were being charged in flanks and rear.  Kinda fun.  It helped having a GM smooth over rules questions and such.  We didn't use any heroes/spellcasters/might points. I didn't grab many photos...a full battle report will have to wait until next time!

Forces hurry across the field to seize the objective

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  1. I love the name of that day, though it sounds like a bit of a mouthful to say too often.