Saturday, May 18, 2013

28mm US Airborne - JR

I finished up my first batch of US Airborne troopers yesterday. These are part of the US Screaming Eagles box set from Warlord Games' Bolt Action line. As always for me, the hardest part was determining what colors to use. After scouring the web, I once again reached the conclusion that nobody agrees, so I based most of my color selection on the D-Day Paratroopers: The Americans book that I borrowed from a friend. I didn't get an exact color match and I chose to exaggerate the difference in color between the web gear and the uniform itself to make the models more interesting.

As for gaming, we haven't really settled on a system yet. We have played a round or two of Bolt Action, but I'm not sure it is really going to be a fit for us. We'll have to look around for some other systems.

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