Monday, July 22, 2013

Operation Overlord Updates! JR - DS - GF - MKL

German infantry await the Irish Guards attack.

As a part of the WWPD Operation Overlord campaign we have a pair of battle report updates! 

Grant's German infantry company faced an assault by the Irish Guards in a "No Retreat" scenario.  Will the German's reinforcements arrive in time to blunt the attack?  Visit our Rounds Complete blog to find out results of this battle.

Michael and Cory got together for a game featuring a Canadian Armored Recce company v. a 21st Panzer Division  Panzer Grenadier company... 

The story so far:
Captain Hubble has been ordered to spearhead the attack on the French town of Colombelles.  His men are going up against determined German veterans.  There have even been reports of dreaded Tiger tanks being spotted in the German lines.  To see how Captain Hubble and his men fared click here.

The Canadians at the outskirts of Colombelles.

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