Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Operation Unicorn Bridge - WWII - MKL

D-Minus 1.  Another uneventful night for the German garrison?

It's 3 June 1944 just before midnight.  A British Glider Company is flying in aerial tow, on a mission to secure a vital bridge.  The commander, Captain Mott mentally goes over the plan in his head hoping that all the details have been attended to.  He gives a knowing wink to a nervous looking private as their Horsa glider section are released from the transport craft.  They sail through the air almost silently towards their objective.  In a few moments they will know whether all the training and planning paid off.

The German guards are looking forward to another uneventful night.  Most have turned in for the evening, after a boring day by the sleepy French village.  It's a dull posting, but at least they are not on the eastern front...

The few unlucky soldiers on duty are walking their appointed patrols and wishing they were in bed.   Most of the soldiers are asleep in the barracks.  A couple have just stumbled in after a night of drinking beer at the pub.  Several loud cracks and a clatter break the calm of the June night.  Men are jolted awake, confused and bleary eyed, from their slumber.  Was that a machine gun?  Now someones shouting.  What is going on?

The garrison are about to start earning their pay.  Operation Unicorn has just commenced.

Mike and Jamie got together for a Flames of War game featuring British Paras v. German Festungskompanie.  Will the British be able to seize the objective, forever known after this battle as Unicorn Bridge?  Or will the Germans defend this vital point, helping blunt allied efforts to gain a foothold in Normandy?

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