Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TSR's AD&D 2nd Edition BattleSystem Skirmish - Playtest

The Greyhawk Wars come to Tamilane.  Goblin scout occupy the ruins.
Saturday evening's game was our first run at TSR's BattleSystem Skirmish.  This is a bit of a change for our group's fantasy skirmish level game of choice has been GW's Lord of the Rings.    TSR's original BattleSystem game was aimed at army level battles.  Their Skirmish rules fill in a nice niche, where the battle might be too big to do in a traditional RPG combat, but are no where near a battle between armies.
A friendly ranger has warned the Froeghton militia -who now, after a hurried muster, advance on the ruins.

Are the goblins sleeping?

The force's of the Horned Society raiders are ready!  Goblin archers give themselves away with long range shots.

Capt Arak and a warrior priest lead the men through sporadic arrow fire.

A section of archers fires on goblins concealed in the ruins.  A mage awaits nervously, as the goblins in the tower move forward to engage.

The milita and warrior priest attack the ruins!

The melee at the ruins continues and casualties mount.

A brief melee occurs between the archers and goblin erupts.  A well placed sleep spell helps turn the tide against the Horned Society scouting force!

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