Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pathfinder RPG Session 01: Burnt Offerings

Loation:  Sandpoint -  The Swallow Tail Festival is being held to celebrate the opening of the new cathedral.  The old one burned down several years ago.  Townsfolk gather and enjoy music, food, and drink.

Father Zanthus gives a speech.

Strange booming noises are heard!?  Goblins attack!  The townsfolk flee the square.  Torch bearing goblins wreak havoc in Sandpoint.  Rolf, Gilly, Chance, and Tuirhidock, engage the group in front of the cathedral, and do what they can to stem the attack.

The party dispatches the goblins in front of the cathedral and move down streets to aid others.  Aldern Foxglove, visiting noble, is being menaced by goblin leader on a wardog.

The party makes its way to secure the town gate and rescue Aldern Foxglove.

Free lunch at Sandpoint compliments of the local taverns. The nice afternoon was ruined by some raiding goblins. Aldern Foxglove was rescued and the party hopefully earned the respect of Sandpoint locals including Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock. But who was the mysterious "Longshanks" seemingly behind the attack? No shadowy figure was discovered in the graveyard. Perhaps the goblin attack was merely a distraction. More investigations in the morning. For now, an overdue rest compliments of the the Rusty Dragon.

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