Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pathfinder RPG Session 08: Thistletop (2)

After making their way across the rope bridge, the group enters the fort.  At the corners facing the bride there is a guard tower.
Gilly sneaks up the stairwell and opens a hatch to find two sleeping goblins.  She doesn't feel good about it;  she ensures they never wake up.

The party moves to the other tower...

Those goblins are awake and attack!

Chance Arcane hits them with a burning hands spell as Cinart squeezes by to get out if the way.

The noise of battle arouses goblins that were in the lower level.

The goblin leader Ripnugget, mounted on a giant gecko battles Rolf.

Tuihirdock get a critical and kills the Gecko.

A goblin warchanter complicates the battle by lending spell support to his troops.

Ripnugget goes crazy and battles Tuihirdock.  The goblin warchanter falls.

Four goblin riding their wardogs burst in from outside.

There are no back lines for Cinart to hide behind...he enters the fray.

Chance Arcane throws a flaming sphere spell.  A goblin and its dog fall.

Rolf battles Ripnugget.  Oswald assists.

Gilly fells another goblin.

Gilly kills the last goblin from the watch tower.  Chance moves the flaming sphere on to the next target.

Gilly fights a goblin dog that is on fire.  The rest of the group attack Ripnugget...Tuirhidock falls!

The Thistletop goblin commander lies dead under the assault.
The Thistletop goblin fort after the battle. 
The goblin fort has not been fully explored.  The party takes a chance to catch its collective breath as they decide what to do next.  The npcs Cinart and Oswald have been present for many fights, but this is the first one they have been apart of.

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