Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reaper Bones Bookcase and metal "Tierce" rogue - DS

Bookcase and Tierce #03265
I bought Tierce as it reminded me of a friend's hooded rogue character:  Pepper Von Bennetstein.  I really like the figure, but it is a bit sleight compared to a lot of Reaper's line.  I glued it on a 25mm circular base and that added enough height to fit in with scale creep-ed heroically proportioned minis that are so popular.  I think it would fit well with Red Box Games line of more realistic figures.

Tierce was sculpted by Jeff Grace.  It's a very classic rogue and fun to paint.  I think I may try another one with a weapon swap.

The bookcase is part of the my Reaper Bones II order, and is the first mini completed out of that particular mountain.  It was part of the "Dungeon Dressing" add-on pack.

As a reminder:  Don't forget to wash your plastic minis (and really all minis.)  I used Foundry Spearshaft colours for the wood on the bookcase.  Foundry paint, for the most part, is the best paint I own for basecoats...especially as I do not prime any minis before painting.  I had problems with painting the books though.  Whatever flux they use to get them out of the molds resisted the normal ease of applying paint.  Then I recalled that in my excitement to start, I forgot to soap it up.

Come to think of it, I forgot to soap up and wash Tierce too, but that proved far less problematic.

Remember kids, wash those minis with soap and water before you paint!

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