Monday, January 4, 2016

LotR:SBG Blackwold's Roost Scenario

Our first game of 2016 was a LotR:SBG scenario. We hope to write up the rules for you guys to check out here soon. Great fun!

Our three heroes (Hastings, Novik and Salladian) are sent to investigate the Blackwold's Roost, looking for any information on the bandits' activity around Archet. There are 6 different camp sites throughout the board where the Good player can search for clues. The bandit champion is also carrying notes about the Blackwold's upcoming attack on the town.

We played the scenario twice. The first time the Good player managed to discover the bandits' plan right away, on the 2nd turn I believe. Incredibly quick. We tweaked the rules a bit and tried a second game. This time, Evil won and even managed to defeat Salladian and Hastings! I believe this was the first time we've lost a Good hero in a scenario!

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