Saturday, July 28, 2012

Arundel Archers in the Semi Finals of the Chaos Cup mkl

Hello everyone, This is a picture of the semifinals of the Chaos Cup. The Arundel Archers won the luck of the draw and were chosen. What a wild game of blood bowl this is with 4 people playing at one time. This is a picture of the board just after my turn 1. If you notice Erestor has the ball but just read on... Photobucket
Click on picture to see the whole thing.

On my first turn of the and during my first pass action there was a Chaos Effect called “Raining Blood”. This effect was -1 when passing the ball. One of my chuckers Celebrimbor dodging and jumping around the Kemri players picked up the ball and threw it to Erestor successfully. When it was the next players turn, The Hell’s Hotties, another Chaos effect was triggered which happened to be the Favor of Khorne which states that the ball furthest for one of the Hell’s Hotties players loses the ball. Erestor was dumbfounded when the ball he was holding on to for dear life disappeared into the warp. Back to my turn and during a blitz another chaos effect was triggered. This time it was the Favor of Tzeentch. Since the Archers were playing for Tzeentch the ball from the warp appeared at my obelisk (battery in the picture) and it scattered to the square of Celebrimbor’s brother Dinendal who is the star chucker on the team. During my turn 3 Dinendal runs at full movement to get a short pass to Maeglin Ancalimon who then ran it in for the only touchdown of the game. In this game every team had a real chance to score but it did not happen. Even on the Archers last turn I had a chance to chuck the ball to a lineman who could run it in with one go-for-it but the initial pick up the ball failed (rolled “1” with no re-rolls) and the pass did not take place.

Can’t wait for the final!!

p.s. We started the final today. We are starting turn 14 when we get back to my house Tuesday night. It is sudden death!!!


  1. quite a map. :) 4 way game? How many footballs are in play?

  2. I love a good nail biter. That playing surface is phenomenal! I've never seen anything like it.

    Hope you brought home the gold or, in the alternate, had a great run.

  3. Wekk, I did win the semi-finals but the 19 turn finals... it wa a draw. Thanks for teh comments and tomorrow I iwll pass them along to the creator (not me).

    have fun and more to follw for next period!!