Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Chaos Cup is a Draw!! mkl

Well, after 19 turns (for each of the 4 players) and 10 hours of Blood Bowl playing the Choas gods had enough and stopped the game and awarded each team with one mutation for one random player.

The rookie Gwindor Séregon grew extra arms. He was acquire in mid season after Ereinion Luinwe was killed. In Gwindor's first game against the power house Krakens he had 2 casualties and intecepted and pass and ran it in for the touch down.

Next season starts in just over a week and the league is hoping for 32 players (with about 22 confirmed and the deadline is not yet upon us). The structure will change from a 1 division league to a premier type league. The teams will be ranked by fan factor. There will be an eight team premier division, 8 team 2nd division then a 2 group division. Teams play within your division. At the end top four of the premier and 2nd division go into the period playoffs. The bottom 4 of the premier league gets relegated to the 2nd division. In the 2nd division the top four (who made the playoffs) get promoted to the premier league and the bottom four get relegated to the 2 group division. The top 2 of each group in the 2 group division get promoted to the 2nd division. Should be pretty fun!!!

You can follow all the action at:

See you next season!!

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