Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter & Otherworld Miniatures IndieGoGo! - DS - EE

A 39lb box of Dungeon Tiles
Earlier in the year I have bought into a trio of Kickstarters projects, and recently they have started been arriving.  The one I received today, 22Oct13, was this box from Dwarven Forge, that came in at a whopping 39lbs -according to FedEx.  For those who don't know, Dwarven Forge are manufacturers of mostly resin dungeon terrain for RPGs.  Most of their line of products are pre-painted resin tiles.  They looked great but came at a premium price.  Their Kickstarter project helped them fund new less expensive plastic tiles.  Depending on your pocketbook, they can be ordered painted or not. 
Five Sets, two add-on boxes and a nifty DF Logo Bag.

2 Boxes and 2 Dungeon Add-On Sets
I waited until Emily got home from work to open the box up, and she took the pictures.  She was pretty enthusiastic about this order when she first found out about the Kickstarter.  I was thinking 3 sets would be pretty good, and even hemming and hawing about not ordering it, but she said why not get 5 so we could make bigger dungeons.  Who am I to argue?!  She has also offered to help paint did I get so lucky... 

The tiles are a very durable plastic of some sort, and the unpainted sets come in a charcoal color.   The pieces are actually a bit heavier than I thought they would be...not resin heavy, but definitely not light.  When making the quick setup dungeon for the picture, we dropped one piece on the floor, and it made quite a clatter, but emerged with no damage whatsoever. If it were a resin piece, I would have been very worried.  I also ordered a couple of the add-on packs of large tiles and dungeon dressings, which included among other things, scenic items like chests, chairs, tables, beds, benches, and barrels.

Otherworld Miniatures!

DAB1 - Human Male Character (12 figs)

DAB2 - Demi-Human Male Characters (12figs)

The first half of an IndieGoGo purchase I had made in January arrived.  It's a line of classic dungeon characters from Otherworld Miniatures.  They are billed not as ultra heroic world saviors that most companies produce, but portray the more down on your luck tough men of the old school style of character.

Included with each set: Case Made by FeldHerr of Germany

The minis come with both scenic dungeon bases and plastic slotta bases.
There will be a total of four character sets of 12 figures each released.  Each set includes a foam case with zipper nylon cover to protect minis.  The four sets are;  Human male characters, demi human male, female characters of various fantasy races, and a box of henchmen. 

Campaign Goal Extras
As many kickstarter projects have, Otherworld Miniatures had a number of bonus items included when they achieve certain monetary goals.  The campaign goal extras include; additional henchmen, a dungeon cart, treasure and chests, a camp scene with tent and provisions, weapons, wizard familiars both magic and animal, and that was just with this half of the order.  The female characters and henchmen are being finished now and are being shipped at a later date with more bonus miniatures.

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  1. Looks great! So the first question is, how do you speed paint 38 pounds of dungeon? The second is, did the UPS guy use a wheelbarrow to deliver this?