Monday, October 14, 2013

The Battle for Sprigley's Farm

Farmer Cal Sprigley and his (bearded?!?) wife Holly have found their farm in Southern Archet overrun by spiders. To make matters worse, two warbands of Blackwold brigands have descended upon the farm. With the recent disappearance of Sprigley’s farmhands (Walt Wheatley, Bill Hayspear and Thornton Woodley) poor Cal, his wife and their local provisioner Harry Greencorn have been caught off guard.

Good Objectives:
Clear the farm of all giant spiders and Blackwold brigands. Cal, Holly and Harry Greencorn must survive.

Evil Objectives:Kill Good models, including Cal, Holly and Harry Greencorn.

Good Forces:
Novik (Hero)
Saladian (Hero)
Hastings (Hero)
200 points chosen from the Rohan army list

Evil Forces:
20 Blackwold Brigands
8 Giant Spiders (starting in ambush in three cellar locations)

Table Layout/Deployment:

Turn 1 movement sees Hastings advancing towards the brigands. Mounted troops advance towards building in which Harry Greencorn has been hiding. There is some debate as to whether Harry should jump from the 2nd story on to a waiting horse. Harry cannot be convinced to leave the safety of his attic.

Novik's archer scores the first hit and casualty of the game.

Turn 2 and Novik's warband engages the brigands, trying to divert their attention away from Cal and Holly Sprigley.

Three Giant Spiders emerge from cellars! The first engages Saladian and his men. The second charges the nearby brigand and the third comes out right by Harry Greencorn.

While the mounted Rohan soldier continues struggling with a brigand just outside the building, Harry Greencorn is attacked by a spider...and wins!

After some fierce fighting against Hastings' men (and a giant spider), the Blackwold's decide they've had enough and flee the battlefield.

Meanwhile, wave after wave of the giant spiders continue to emerge from the cellars. Hastings and his men manage to hold them off while Novik arrives with reinforcements.

The last spider makes a dash up the wall towards Harry Greencorn just as Hastings and Novik arrive. The final fight was close, but a bit of might pushed it over the top for a Good victory! Well played people...and good game everyone!

Hey Harry, do you want to be a Dale Warden?

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  1. Greencorn has the makings of an up and coming hero. Great game, thanks for hosting!