Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diablo 3: Whimsydale

Last night we took a temporary break from our non-electronic gaming to revisit Diablo 3. Rest assured, we will return to our regular board/card/miniature/RPG gaming next week. Magnus recently suggested a game of Diablo 3, which prompted us to break out our old Blizzard accounts and fire up the computers.

We managed to level up from ~51 to ~65 and completed the Reaper of Souls Act V by defeating Malthael.

Alas, the most frightening encounter we had looked something like this:

What we saw and did on the other side of that strange gate was not natural.

Like so many of Lovecraft's protagonists, going through that gate to this other dimension had a profound effect on us and our sanity. Whimsydale changed us forever.

I didn't sleep last night...and I doubt I will tonight. We know the true meaning of diabolical.

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