Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meet the NPC Allies - Reaper Miniatures Oswald the Overladen and Village Rioter (aka Cinart the Torch Bearer.) DB

For the Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder game, the players talked it over and decided it might be helpful to hire some non-player character allies to assist us in our quest.  Two likely lads from Sandpoint were chosen to join the party;  Oswald the Packbearer, and Cinart as a torch bearer.

Lighting can be a problem when searching in underground caves or delves.  To that end we hired Cinart as a torchbearer.  Although not a fighter by trade, he would be accompanying the party on underground expeditions, and other places we might need someone to handle a torch or lantern.  He carries a spiked mace just in case the battle makes it through the fighters.  His duties are going to put him in more frequent dangerous situations than Oswald, and we're hoping he can handle it.
77140: Townsfolk: Village Rioter by Bobby Jackson
Modded as a Torch Bearer

77140: Townsfolk: Village Rioter by Bobby Jackson
 Even though I really liked Bobby Jackson's original sculpt, I needed to modify him to make him a torchbearer rather than part of a mob heading out to chase Frankenstein's monster around.   I switched his head with a bearded extra head from a box of Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors.  The pitchfork arm was removed and replaced with a mace arm from a plastic set of Fireforge Games medieval Foot Sergeants.  I think the figure has a rough and ready look.

Both the Gripping Beast and Fireforge Games plastic miniature sets have a lot of extra weapons, arms and heads included.  Great stuff for mashup and modded figures.

Oswald is carrying a lot of stuff.

77141: Townsfolk: Oswald the Overladen by Bobby Jackson

Emily liked the name Oswald (Reaper's name for the mini) so we thought we'd keep it as the character's name.  His story is that Gilly met him while she was working at the Sandpoint seamstress' shop.  Oswald is a youngish lad who would make deliveries, repair things, and do other odd jobs the business required.  The lure of adventure and good pay prompted him to join the party.  As a pack bearer, he will be carrying items and supplies so the more active (aka combat) party members are not encumbered.  His other duties would include camp maintenance and cooking.

I liked painting Oswald. He carrying a LOT of gear.  He has a chest, pack, book, shield, sacks, a bow with quiver, a chicken and more! 

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